Junior Club

Junior Club

Play organised games of cricket at
your local club - and make
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So what is Junior Club Cricket?

Perfect for boys & girls aged 9-17

For kids with basic cricket skills

Play games of cricket

Game formats and length vary

Play a full cricket season

Some equipment may be provided

Fun and active

Join your local cricket club and make friends!

So what are the new endorsed formats?

Developed for kids 9-14 transitioning to ‘junior’

Allows them to transition based on ability to the adult game

Less players on the field = more action for players

Shorter pitch & smaller boundary = more action & supports improved skill development

Shorter games = games played after school, weekend mornings or afternoons (2-3 hours)

Overall more fun with their friends!

Join over 250,000 kids playing junior cricket in Australia

Find your local club

Cricket is a sport for all!

It's for women & girls

24% of cricket participants are women and girls

It's for indigenous Australians

1.6% of registered club cricket participants identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

It's for everyone

24% of registered club cricket participants identify as having one or more parents born overseas

Find a cricket club near you

Simply enter your postcode or club name to find a cricket club near you! With over 4,000 cricket clubs Australia-wide, there's bound to be one close by.


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What other junior formats are there?

MILO T20 Blast gives kids their first experience of playing games of cricket in a fun and social setting.

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Indoor cricket is a fun and social way to get active with your friends or family any time of the year.

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