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MILO T20 Blast

Information for Clubs

MILO T20 Blast for associations & clubs explained

Why clubs/associations love MILO T20 Blast

  • Bridges the gap between MILO in2CRICKET and traditional junior cricket – aiding player retention and better preparing children for their junior traditional formats
  • Less volunteer burden due to professional delivery – only one volunteer team manager required per team
  • Professional deliverer charged with recruiting players and future volunteers to the game
  • National brand to be promoted throughout the season included within KFC Big Bash League coverage on free to air TV
  • Link to MILO T20 Blast School Cups for recruitment
  • No fixturing requirements and same venue each week
  • No equipment costs

Clubs interested in entering a team into MILO T20 Blast for the first time

Clubs take part in MILO T20 Blast program should contact T20Blast@cricket.com.au or call 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38).

Participant Registration

Every child that participates in the MILO T20 Blast program must register and pay a registration fee. Registration fees ensure that your centre and all participants are covered for insurance.

All potential participants are directed to playcricket.com.au where they can enter their postcode to find their nearest MILO T20 Blast Centre.

Volunteer team managers are able to log into the MILO T20 Blast Management Centre in MyCricket to view participant registrations.

For more information on registration, insurance and how to set up and manage online payments contact Cricket Australia on T20Blast@cricket.com.au or phone 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38).

MILO T20 Blast Roles & Responsibilities

Each MILO T20 Blast centre has a Program Coordinator and dependent on participant numbers also has a skills zone deliverer/s.

The main focus points of these roles include;

  • Set up and pack up of the entire match day each week
  • Recruitment and training of volunteer team managers (one per team)
  • Be the key point of contact for the duration of the program
  • Deliver the ‘Skills Zone’ activities
  • Be the key driver in creating the ultimate program atmosphere

Recruitment and training of these deliverers will be conducted by your State and Territory Cricket Association. In addition to the deliverers, each club taking part in a MILO T20 Blast program is expected to provide a team manager to help coordinate their own team.

Online deliverer accreditation and resources

Cricket Australia provides online accreditation for all MILO T20 Blast Program Coordinators and Skilled Zone Deliverers. MILO T20 Blast team managers are also encouraged to undertake the course. This course will take around 45 minutes to complete and is mandatory for all coordinators and available for all volunteers. It will cover a number of topics including:

  • Philosophy of MILO T20 Blast
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Volunteer engagement
  • How to structure a program
  • How to provide a quality experience

Australian cricket will also run in-service sessions for deliverers and volunteers that go through centre structure and engagement in a practical environment. To find your nearest in-service session, please contact the MILO T20 Blast helpdesk on T20Blast@cricket.com.au or phone 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38).

Deliverer equipment and apparel provision

Each new MILO T20 Blast program will receive a deliverer pack of equipment and apparel.

For more information please contact Cricket Australia on T20Blast@cricket.com.au or phone 1800 CRICKET (1800 274 25 38).

Recruitment of participants

MILO T20 Blast Marketing Material

Australian cricket provides collateral in the form of flyers, posters, school newsletter templates, email templates and print advertisement for placement in newspapers. These can be ordered once your MILO T20 Blast has been activated through MyCricket.

Partnership with other sports

Working with other junior sports in the local community provides a great way to promote to parents who are already encouraging their children to live a healthy and active life.

MILO T20 Blast Centre Finder

Once your MILO T20 Blast Team is active on the MyCricket system, it can be found in the public Club Finder at playcricket.com.au


MILO T20 Blast Deliverer's Handbook PDF (12.5 MB)


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