Junior Cricket

Junior Club

All Girls Cricket League

What is it?

It is a fun, fast and competitive cricket league specifically organised for girls. Cricket is a great team sport with a place for everyone

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For 11-17 year olds

For girls with basic cricket skills

Continue to improve their cricket skills

Play fun games of cricket

Play with friends and develop new friendships

Game duration 2 hours

Format T20

Played after school and on weekends varies between clubs

Spring season (pre Xmas) & Summer season (post Xmas) season

Season duration of 6-8 weeks

Training offered during weeknights

Cricket is a sport for all!

It's for women & girls

24% of cricket participants are women and girls

It's for indigenous Australians

1.6% of registered club cricket participants identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

It's for everyone

24% of registered club cricket participants identify as having one or more parents born overseas

Find a cricket club near you

Simply enter your postcode or club name to find a cricket club near you! With over 4,000 cricket clubs Australia-wide, there's bound to be one close by.


What other programs are there ?

Junior Blasters program teaches girls and boys the skills to play Australia's favourite sport, through fun game based activities.

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At Master Blasters level kids get a chance to play modified games of cricket in a fun and social setting.

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